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Aquarellistes_étrangers 7
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  1. Kent's valerie
      canada _ Elle peint à l'aquarelle, acrylique, huiles et techniques mixtes et donne des ateliers d'art et les sociétés dans les collèges de l'Ontario
  2. Kettle Lynda
     GB __ Lynda Kettle has painted for many years in pastel and watercolour. She is a member of the Octavian Art group and the Linden Art Group, and exhibits her work several times a year at selected galleries
  3. Kienitz - Neil
     USA --
  4. King Manning Lilly
      virginia Lilly King Manning is an award winning watercolorist who specializes in painting marine life and florals. Her beautiful watercolors are in collections around the world.
  5. Kinney Raleigh
     USA -- RALEIGH KINNEY'S fine art collection, offers a unique and innovative way to decorate a home or office with that touch of style
  6. Kiraku
      Japon __ 水彩画 水彩画家 上田博之 光と風の水彩画 季楽工房
      水彩画 水彩画家 上田博之 光と風の水彩画 季楽工房
  7. Knight Costanza
      Carolina USA __ Costanza (Connie) Knight is a watercolor, watermedia, and collage artist based in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Her work emphasizes spiritual, religious, African-American, and natural themes, often those associated with the area in which she lives. Her work is frequently organized into series which followa narrative storyline
  8. Knutson Karen
     USA --
  9. Kodelic Franz
      Autriche __ Aquarellieren erlebe ich wie ein Spiel mit Farbe und dem Element Wasser, dessen Ausgang und Ergebnis nicht vorhersehbar ist. ...
  10. Kroon Ton de
     NL _Herinneringen, schetsen, briefkaarten, foto's - zelfgemaakt of uit de krant -, vormen een immens beeldarchief, waaruit Ton de Kroon kan putten.
  11. Kruisbrink Sandra
     NL _ Sandra Kruisbrink, beeldend kunstenaar
     tekenen, grafiek, landschap, beeldendekunst, kunst, cultuur
  12. Krupinski, Chris
     USA --
  13. Kwok Peng Kin
     Singapore _ The talent and imagination of Francis Kwok P.K takes flight with yet another captivating piece of work.
  14. Lackie Joe
      Louisiana USA __ Joe Lackie is a watercolor artist.
  15. Lafferty's Karen
      Oregon USA __ An online art gallery featuring the fine art of Oregon and Hawaii artist Karen Lafferty.
  16. Lajoie Régis
      Québec Galerie d'art Régis Lajoie,Régis Lajoie,Regis Lajoie,peintre aquarelliste de la région de Québec
  17. Lammers Abby
     USA -- Representational painter, Abby Lammers uses eclectic combinations of color, form and asymmetrical composition asking the viewer to reconsider the everyday.
  18. Landeros: Albert
      Southwestern Art & Native Mexican Watercolorist
  19. Landry, Donald
      Illinois USA __ Art Gallery and Instruction
  20. L'Archevêque Louise
    canada   Louise est une passionnée de la nature. Elle affectionne en particulier les fleurs, mais tous les sujets suscitent sa curiosité.
  21. Latanision Carolyn
     USA -- Massachusetts National Watercolor Society signature member, representational and contemporary realism,figures,urban scenes, gardens,Bethlehem Steel paintings
  22. Laxen Charlotte
      Original watercolor paintings and Minnesota USA __ watercolor prints by Charlotte Laxen feature paintings of France, Lanesboro , beautiful for French decorating, buy paintings online
  23. Lee Sinae
      Corée __ A romantic landscape artist displays floral, and nature scenes. Limited edition prints are available for purchase. In English and Korean.
  24. Leline, Caitlin
      Wisconsin USA __ Original watercolor paintings. Landscape, horses, barns and homes. Commissioned work, prints, and cards also available.
  25. Levine Ink David.
      « Le soleil est dans ses peintures, et air de sel, et la variété splendide du corps humain.
  26. Levinson , Roslyn
      USA __ Watercolor artworks featuring themes such as animals, flowers, buildings, people, landscapes, and still Life.
  27. Lewis. Effie
      Floride USA __ These watercolor portraits, pets and marine landscapes captures the wonder, the life, the essence of the world around her in watercolor.
      Chicago USA
  29. Linda Baker, aws.nws
     USA __
  30. Lindemann Sonia
      Chili___Galería de arte de la pintora acuarelista chilena Sonia Lindemann
  31. Littleworth Charles
      Angleterre__Charles Littleworth, Hampshire UK professional watercolour artist providing a wide range of original watercolor paintings, watercolour prints, print services and specialist watercolour commissions
  32. Lloyd Natasha
      Lake City USA __ The homepage of Natasha Lloyd, a watercolor artist from Salt Lake City, Utah. View original art by Tasha and purchase paintings online!
  33. Lok Kerk Hwang
     Malaysia _ Contempary watercolor artist, original transparent watercolour on paper, The Arts of Lok Kerk Hwang since 1993
  34. Long Robert et Sharon
      Philadelphie USAWatercolor original paintings, iris giclee prints,workshops, products and links.
  35. Luffarelli Maria Grazia
      Italie __ Le opere qui visibili rappresentano una sceltasintetica tra le molte disponibili, realizzate ininterrottamente nel corso di vari anni, ed hanno lo scopo di presentare, nel modo più diretto e semplice, lo stile di un'artista eclettica e appassionata.Molte di queste immagini sono state trasformate in poster, cartoline, segnalibri.Th
  36. Lynch Tom
      « Il est mon désir sincère de créer les travaux qui excitent l'imagination du téléspectateur et des portes ouvertes les encourageant à chercher là à posséder le raccordement avec la vie dans n'importe quel secteur qu'ils visitent. »
  37. Macdonald Ros
    canada   : Moments in Nature Watercolour Gallery
  38. Machado, Sylvia Amélia de Hungria
      Bresil __ Sylvia Amélia is an artist of prominence in the panorama of Brazilian art in watercolor painting of orchids. She has been showing her paintings in Brazil and abroad.
  39. Mackinlay Heather
      Canada __ Painter of many subjects, mainly in watercolor. Biography, images, mailing list, and exhibition information.
  40. Macnamara's Peggy
      Chicago USA __ Everything about the work, including watercolors and books, of Peggy Macnamara,
  41. Magallanes Guy
      Influencé par ma grand-mère, je peins des images des paysages et des fleurs, mais avec l'exagération intensifiée dans l'intéret du drame de l'influence de mes pères.
  42. Mahanes Jim
      Since 1975, watercolorist Jim Mahanes has painted the American landscape with both realism and imaginative interpretation.
  43. Mangels Patty
      Galleries. Artist Bio · Contact Info · Exhibitions · Travel Log · Landscapes · Flowers · Mexico
  44. Manoni-Rennick Pina
     Canada __
  45. Marjanovic Branko
      Canada __ Branko Marjanovic is a Canadian watercolor artist living in Calgary, Alberta.
  46. Marohnic Alanna
      Ontario Canada __ Watercolor Painting, Free desktop wallpaper by Alanna Marohnic. An artist located in Atikokan . Visit the Watercolor Paintings Galleries and choose beautiful images of my paintings!
  47. Marr, Debbie
      Californie USA __ Gallery of watercolor paintings includes cityscapes, seascapes, floral and figurative works. Original and limited edition prints available
  48. Marsee Todd
      Michigan USA __ Semi-abstract contemporary watercolors with ethereal, environmental and nature themes.
  49. Marshall, Frederica
      Maine USA __ Frederica Marshall, Japanese Sumi-e and Watercolor Painting Master Teacher and Fine Artist
  50. Martone Sally Ann
     USA -- Rhode Island