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Aquarellistes_étrangers 2
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      Colombie___Acuarelas de la selva
  2. Berthold Margaret
      Georgia USA __ Original watercolor paintings by Margaret Berthold inspired primarily by the woods, streams and countryside of the north foothills. Note cards and prints also available.
  3. Beukenkamp Annelein
      Vermont USA __ Annelein Beukenkamp Watercolors
  4. Beverley Anne
      Floride USA __ Anne Beverley watercolor artist of prints & matted prints, notecards. Designs on porcelains. Fine art prints retail & wholesale.
  5. Bieber Karen
     California __ Karen Bieber Watercolor artist in Palo Alto,
  6. Biggs Betty
      Elle se sert de ce style pour décrire, avec précision minutieuse, l'Afrique de Texas USA __ l'Ouest des styles de vie qui reflètent la chaleur et la dignité qui nous pousse à chercher la noblesse existant au sein de nous-mêmes.
  7. Bilder
      Allemagne __ Skizzen und Aquarellmalen von Pferden und anderen Tieren.
  8. Billeci Patricia A.
      New York.USA __Gallery of nationally recognized artist and teacher, featuring traditional realistic transparent watercolor paintings in categories of still life, portraits, florals, animals and landscapes
  9. Bjørseth, Berit
     Norvege _
  10. Bloom Betty
      USA __ Colorado Betty Bloom, Southwest-inspired watercolor and mixed media artist who maintains her Blue Moon Studios in Tucson, AZ and Colorado Springs,CO
  11. Boal Andrew
      Welcome to the Gallery of Andrew Boal. The following original pieces are sold in limited edition quantities.
  12. Bodeux, Ginette
      ginette bodeux, bodeux, aquarelle, peintures, gaume
  13. Bodil Sylvest Bell
     Danmark _ Webgalleri med akvareller i forskellige teknikker en slags blandede bolcher over forskellige temaer, og hvad livet giver af inspiration
  14. Bohdan
     irlande __ This is the Official Bohdan Art website. Many visitors to Ireland have been strongly impressed by his work and have taken them home to all corners of the world incl. Australia. New Zealand. South Africa and The U.S.A. His work can currently be viewed in varous galleries in Ireland</font
  15. Bollar Gorki
     Pays Bas __ My work can be described as primitive realism.
  16. Boo Margareta Jungerth
     Suede __ Svenska konstnärer är Nordens största konstutställning och galleri på Internet. Svenska konstnärer visar offentlig konst och konst till salu
  17. Booth Grahame
     irlande __ Watercolour Painter Grahame Booth gives details of painting workshops along with demonstrations and a gallery of work
  18. Borrack John
     Australie _ n what many believe to be the genteel world of landscape painting John Borrack is something of a maverick, a man who has dedicated the last forty years of his life to the pursuit of a pure, spiritual expression.
  19. Børretzen - Torild Inger
     Norvege _
  20. Bortnick, Eugene **
     USA __ Art gallery of paintings by Eugene Bortnick, the Life Painter - a realist artist whose paintings and prints include portraits and figures done in watercolor, acrylics, pastels, and oils.
  21. Bourbonniere Kathryn
      Canada __ Botanical and landscape watercolors by a Canadian artist and instructor features landscape and floral works. Includes sample lessons
  22. Bouman Margreet
     NL __ site van en over het werk van margreet bouman, actuele exposities,aquarellen, nieuw werk, teksten, art, painting, text, archive, archief
  23. Bouwsma Sarah
      USA __ Oregon
  24. Bowen John
      John Bowen Watercolorist, The Art of Being there. Florida, Key West, Boats lifestyle paintings.
  25. Braden Josie
     Canada __
  26. Bradley Marilynne
     USA -- Alabama
  27. Branch Jennifer
      USA __ Atlanta, en Géorgie
  28. Brantley James
     USA -- Alabama
  29. Brennan Philip
      USA__Philip Brennan Watercolorist and artist
  30. Brenneman Jeanne **
      Jeanne Brenneman has been expressing the natural world through watercolor for thirty years.
  31. Broccoli Porto Antonio
      Puerto Rican_ Art by Old San Juan,Latin Artist, Antonio Broccoli Porto. Folkloric & Afro-Caribbean musical themed paintings. Paintings,fotos and sculptures related to PR. Links about PR
  32. Brooks Terri
     USA -- New Hampshire Terri Brooks is an award-winning watercolor and pastel artist, located in the Mount Washington Valley of New Hampshire (NH), USA.
  33. Broulik Majka
     Canada __ This site attempts to outline Japanese painting style called Sumi-e. It shows a gallery of approximately 40 Sumi-e paintings and briefly explains tools for Sumi-e painting, like brushes, ink and rice paper. As well, it provides information about Sumi-e classes in Ottawa, Ontario.
  34. Brouwer Jack
     USA __ a watercolor artist showcasing his travels, landscapes, florals, and figures.
  35. Brown Dana
     USA __
  36. Brown Michelle
      GB michelle brown sussex by the sea, United Kingdom
  37. Brown Peggy
     USA __ Peggy Brown transparent watercolors: natural and man-made imagery. I try to expresss images that are on, above, and below the surface of the painting.
  38. Brunet Hélène
      Atelier galerie de l'artiste Hélène Brunet sur le bord de la rivière Missisquoi
  39. Brush Sharon's
      West Virginia. Art.....the reproduction of what the senses perceive in nature seen through the veil of the soul"-- Paul Cezanne. Sharon's art includes note cards,
  40. BUCCINO Orlando
      Montevideo, Uruguay Acuarelas por Orlando Buccino
  41. Buettner Detlef
      Alaska ___ Alaskan wildlife artist Detlef Buettner moves fish from water to watercolor.
  42. Burford Megan ***
      GB ___ Detailed watercolour paintings by UK English artist Megan Burford. Landscapes, racehorses, horse racing cats and dogs. Racehorses, horse racing
  43. Busch Birgit
      Allemagne __ art gallery watercolor by aquarellwelt artist Birgit Busch from munich germany.
  44. Butt Alistair ***
      GB ___ Landscape and Marine Watercolour/Watercolor Paintings and Oil Paintings by artist Alistair Butt ARSMA
  45. Butterworth Geoff
     GB __ Geoff Butterworth is a professional Watercolour Artist painting thruought the country and based in the North West near Rochdale. Commissions in Acrylics and Gouache are shown on his website. Subjects include Landscapes Seascape, Aviation and figurative works. He is a meber of the BWS and also an FRSA.
  46. Cao Bei An
     Chine_ Cao Bei-an est aujourd'hui membre de l'Association Royale des Artistes de Belgique, de l'Association Européenne Internationale d'Aquarelle et du Salon de l'Aquarelle de Belgique.
  47. Calderon Erna
     Suede _
  48. Caldwell John
     Australie _ Présentation de la société de personnes primé artistes janvier Ashby et John Caldwell. Their work is shown at their Blackheath gallery in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Leur travail est à leur Blackheath galerie dans les Blue Mountains l'ouest de Sydney.
  49. Callahan Mary
     USA -- Massachusetts
  50. Callahan Sean
      Irlande __ A gallery featuring original watercolors, limited edition prints, and commissioned dog portraits by Vermont artist Sean P. Callahan.